My Present Skin Care Routine

  Hi guys , I have always been asked to make a video on my skin care routine. As many of the requests are from countries where youtube is banned , I thought I should make a Blog instead. So to begin with- My skin is most of time Dry and extremely Dry in cold weather. As now I am living in Ooty, India past a month which is an extremely cold hill station in South India. My skin care routine has changed from what it was in Mumbai, India. My skin care routine involves a lot more oils than creams. I love my skin and I can’t upset it no matter what. Having bad skin upsets my Life. It might sound a little weird but I am sure many girls out there know what I meant .:)

Our skin not only requires external love but it also needs care and love from within. What we Eat shows on our Skin. The wrong kinda food really affects the skin. So as you know I follow Blood Group Diet , it really makes a huge difference on the skin  (Personal Experience) Check the Video BLOOD GROUP DIET

I drink barley and green tea, switching between them every alternate day. Eating loads of leafy vegetables , fruits on daily basis also helped me in getting beautiful skin. Now let me be frank, my skin has always been beautiful thanks to my mum and her genes 🙂 My duty is to maintain it. I shouldn’t loose the glam 😉 That doesn’t mean I don’t have bad skin days. But that happens only when my tummy is upset.. When my digestive system isn’t strong it shows on my skin in the form of rashes, pimples, dry patches and so on. So what you intake really shows on your skin, so EAT RIGHT. So now Let’s Begin with the External Love for my Skin.. 

10250198_473733636060416_479723178643906894_nOnce I get up I wash my face with either Seba Med Face and Body Wash or Uriage cleansing and nourishing cream. Then I go up to the kitchen and pick up either Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. I take little on my palms and rub it nicely and massage my face, neck and eye lashes. Atleast 1-2 hrs it should be on my skin and then I wash it with a homemade mixture of Green Gram Powder, Chickpea Powder , Lemon Grass Oil and Water . Click here to see how I make the  HOME MADE FACE WASH . Then I go for a shower, get fresh and apply Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream on my face and neck (Moisturises skin and makes it supple) and massage well. Then Lip Balm or Lip Tint , Blush, Kajal, Mascara and I am done. I leave for Work. Once I get back I wash my face with Homemade face wash and then massage face and neck with Bio Oil ( Makes my skin ultra hydrated) . I keep it on till midnight. Just before I go to sleep I wash my face with Seba Med Face and Body Wash. Then I apply Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate( It is like a serum,oil which helped me in having a smooth and even skin tone ) massage well and off to sleep 😉 My skin care routine is over for the day 🙂 Twice a week. I miss the Bio Oil treatment and apply Potato and Lime Juice Pack. Click on the highlighted link to make the PACK . Remember guys The Main Ingredients to have a glowing skin is the Right Food you intake and then you just have to maintain it externally 🙂 Good Luck my Babies.  Having good skin always keeps you at peace 🙂 




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13 thoughts on “My Present Skin Care Routine

  1. Altaf

    What care should be taken for oily skin…?

    • Seba Med products well for Oily Skin and please go through my blogs, made a pack for oily skin.. Really does wonders 🙂

  2. beautiful… you are so pretty dear..thanks for this post.. <3

  3. No wonder u have amazing skin

  4. Nida

    I remember ur first video it was just very nice … Multani mitti n tomato pulp and about aloevera….. can I apply in summer as here is very much hot.. How to,get whole body fair … is multani mitti n tomato pulp is best for getting fair body ..

    • awwww Thanks for watching dear .. I made both the videos now. Explained it better 🙂 Its good for summer and really works well 🙂

      • Nida

        Thnx dear so muchhh…. But wr u hv put tht videos I m not able to see on ur pages??? Can we apply this on whole body multani mitti n tomato pulp??

  5. ghosh

    Can u plzzz suggest some body wash or home remedy for back acne ???

    • Boil basil leaves in water and wash ur back with the water daily

  6. Nisha Arora

    Nice Post ! I used so many cosmetics I was never satisfied with any skin care product for my face,
    but I tried Mastani skin care product. I always suggest to buy the products from Amruta Pharma as it’s natural and very effective.
    u also try and give review for this herbal product.

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