The Unfaithful

 It was Christmas Eve 1997, My parents had kept a party for family and friends. It was a fun night with Dj playing the latest tracks. Yummylicious food being served and we were all enjoying till the tilt. My friend Poopi and I were as always hogging and gossiping and suddenly poopi started prodding me ” Babes this is Amisha’s boyfriend in your party ” I turned around to look for him and just couldn’t find him. Suddenly she points at a huge man  and tells ” Babes this is he ”   Initially I was stunned and numb for few secs and then bursted out loud laughing and convinced Poopi ” You are highly mistaken, he can’t be Amisha’s boyfriend ”  and then the topic changes and we continue enjoying. 

So guys The Story Begins…..



  1.  Me narrating the story aged then 12 and half yrs .
  2.  Poopi  ( My school friend aged then 12 and half yrs and witness to most part of the story )

Main Characters 

  1. Mr. John aged then 40 yrs. Characteristics – Helpful, Strict , Rogue  and Over- friendly . I always liked him as a tutor. 
  2. Mrs. John aged then 37 yrs. Characteristics – Arrogant , Demented , Jealous , Strict and always depressed. I was never fond of her.
  3. Nina – Daughter of Mr and Mrs John aged then 10yrs. Characteristics -Brilliant , petrified of her dad and very close to her mummy.
  4. Amisha – A girl I knew in the class, aged then 14 yrs. Characteristics- Jolly, fun loving ,talkative and the cutest girl I knew in class. I just know her as an acquaintance.


A happy loving family consisting of Mr.John , Mrs.John and Nina. They were a hardworking family where they used to take classes at home for a living. Both of them were good tutors and their classes had become very famous in a very short period of time. I loved the way they taught with full dedication and determination. I had joined them for Maths. One day there was a party organised by them for all their students and that was the first time I got introduced to Amisha. Nina and Amisha became the best of friends in couple of month’s. It didn’t take much time for Amisha to become a part of The John Family. She used to stay at their home even after class hours. She didn’t have her dad around so Mr. John seemed to be her perfect Papa. She was like Nina’s elder sister too. Then after few months, then came a plan for an outing and it was GOA. Amisha was also asked to join in, but she had few exams left. So Mrs.John and Nina decide to leave for Goa and Mr.John decided to come later with Amisha after 2 days when she gets done with her exam. Finally after 4 days, everyone is together in a 5 star accommodation in Goa. Mrs.John ” Let’s go for sight seeing and have some fun” ,Nina ” Let’s go mummy ” ,Amisha ” Aunty, my tummy is too upset,I won’t be able to budge at all “, Mr.John ” I need to meet up with few friends, so you guy’s carry on” So Mrs.John and Nina are a little sad but decide to go ahead with the plan. They see off them and move out of the room. It was a huge resort. So it takes nearly 10 mins to reach the main gate. Nearing the gate, Mrs.John realises she forget her wallet ” Child, I forgot my wallet, we need to get back to the room”. They start moving back to their room. She reaches the door , opens it and enters the room. To her shock she finds her man and Amisha naked and the remaining scene you can imagine. Mrs.John who loves her man to the core is broken into pieces and shattered. She didn’t even have the slightest doubt. Nina was taken out of the room by her mummy. But yes Nina did see the forbidden. 

Now guy’s Mr.John  was the man, my friend Poopi pointed out at my party claiming  that he was Amisha’s boyfriend. Amisha was staying at Poopi’s apartment. There was continuous visits of Mr.John in their apartment and that’s why everyone thought Mr.John was Amisha’s Boyfriend. Frankly speaking I always thought he was like a father figure for Amisha 🙁

So guy’s who is to be blamed ? Who is The Unfaithful ?

  • Mr.John ?
  • Miss. Amisha ?

Amisha part of story – She claims Mr.John and she are deeply in love and decided to get married after Mr.John gets a divorce from Mrs.John. She claims Mrs.John was mentally ill and Mr.John was sick of her.

Mr.John part of story- Tells everything was a mistake and leaves for a holy trip for forgiveness.

Mrs.John – Love for her man had vanished and one day she finds true love at the gym.

Nina- Who was a petrified and obedient kid, no longer loves or respects her dad. At the age of 12 , she finds herself a man and then it never stopped. Every 6 month there was a different man in her life. A brilliant student went weak in her studies and now this trauma has affected her life and her career too. She has become demented and insecure like her mummy.

The whole family stays together like a happy family but actually is completely broken. 

What have you learnt from this story ?

I learnt that one mistake committed by parents can have severe effects on their kids. So parents be super faithful and loyal to your partner , otherwise your kid will teach you a lesson.

Now another twist, After few month’s ,Amisha’s mother lands up at Mr.John house and creates a huge scene ” John you promised me  you will marry me and now you are not even attending my calls”  LOL

Hats off to Mr.John. He was a confused soul due to varieties 😛 

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7 thoughts on “The Unfaithful

  1. its a big twist …mr.john wasn’t a gud man..he was doubl crossing evryone..:O

  2. mr.john wasnt a gud man ..he s double crossing evryone 😮

    • In short he was and is having fun 🙂

  3. Altaf

    Mr John goes with the title of this story…

  4. AV

    Ahaa!! Very well painted We could make a play on this (y)
    Creepy ass, old pervert, pedophile uncle John
    meets the love of his life, his perfect match
    Horny lil kid, with an older man fantasy, happy to be banged by the dude, this girl has some serious lack of self-confidence.
    Not only did this guy do the kid, but also has been doing things with her mom!!! Either this guy is a real smooth charmer or that Amisha’s family is one horny bunch
    The Unfaithful list:
    1) Mr John without a doubt, cheated on his wife and kids and even Amisha with her mom.
    2) Amisha too without a doubt, cheated on her friend and Mrs. John and broke their trust for the thrill and adventure of being naked with an older man.
    3) Amisha’s Mom cheated on her husband with Mr. John.
    1) Mrs. John
    2) Nina her daughter
    3) Whoever Nina meets after this (cos he will have to bear the repercussions of what her Dad did)
    Crazy world!! Uff

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