Remedies for Body Odour

Hi guys , Do you have a stinky friend ? or a relative or anyone who is too close to you  and you can’t even tolerate them for more than a minute because they STINK 🙁

I have come across quite a few of them. A friend even after a bath used to stink to the core  and same goes with another friend too.. Yes I have helped them and glad I did, it saved my life too.. 😛 

An example – My roommate after a long beauty bath comes out stinking… Ewwwwiiieee !!! Seriously unbearable …I had to check what is the problem.. A milk white babe , so flawless, what can be wrong ? I asked her to show me her underarms .. To my surprise it was utterly black with loads of fungus 🙁 and the smell was foul.. I asked her whether she was using anything on her underarm and yes she was using a roll on (deodorant) . I asked her to stop using it immediately and switch to Johnson Baby Powder.. As obedient as she can get, immediately she purchased it and started using it instead of the deodorant. OMG , in 2 days , her underarm was treated , foul smell disappeared  and best was the colour. It matched with her remaining body colour. I was relieved. So babies , there are many reasons associated with body odour and this is one of them.. ALLERGY OF THE DEODORANT. So analyse your problem and wish that you have a mate like me next to you to help you out .. Don’t worry about that.. Just follow my tips 😉 

Body Odour doesn’t only mean stinky underarms , it can even be neck, inner thighs, beard etc… 



  • Clean the area with water and a mild soap ( soaps used for kids is the best ), at least once a day and more often if necessary.
  • Wear clean clothing, socks and underwear every day.
  • If you sweat a lot , wear clothing made of cotton, linen or other natural material which helps absorb sweat and facilitate airflow.
  • Deodorants contain a substance that helps in killing the bacteria that are waiting to feed on you sweat. They may also mask the body odour by substituting a more acceptable scent. If deodorants irritate your skin, you might be allergic to it. Wash it off with an antibacterial soap. After bath , put Johnson baby powder.
  • Certain foods, such as hot peppers can affect the amount of sweat an individual produces.
  • Aroma of other pungent foods, such as garlic, onions, spices and alcohol can be carried in your sweat.
  • Once in 15 days, remove the hair from your private areas and stay clean.


Make this deodorant at home..

Take half a tsp of Baking Soda and dissolve it in little water and apply it to your underarms .. You will NOT STINK FOR THE REST OF THE DAY 🙂 If starts itching wash off immediately. 

Have an Odour Free Day <3

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