What only Fluffy Unmarried Woman’s go through….

Hi Guy’s , Today sharing another experience of what only Fluffy Unmarried Woman’s goes through… Being Fluffy doesn’t harm inner beauty for sure. Looks are always deceiving. Today I can be slim, trim and super beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I will be the same in the next 5-10 yrs. Looks is always secondary. I had a crush about 9 yrs back on a man who looked so ravishing and fit. Met him few days back and sorry to say, his charm had disappeared, he had gained almost 20 kgs and looked old and sad 🙁 After meeting him I was so sure, that looks are nothing and I had to write this blog.

Never Ever depend on looks. Its temporary and imaginative. If you are into looks, you will be disappointed some day or the other.

So lets get back to the topic.

After the age of 20 if we are  fluffy, we go through a lot because its marriageable age for the oldies :p 

  1.  We are at a party and so excited to hog on yummlicious food.. But while getting your hands on them, every oldie will stare at you and you might even get to hear   “Eat Less Beta” and you automatically just take a piece of the well marinated chicken tikkas 🙁 Next time I am sure you will refrain from going to a party 🙁
  2.  While all the sickly looking stick thin babes wear the hottest clothes ever, you are covered up in the most decent dress.” Why ? Just because you want to look decent and simple or because you want to hide your fugly fat ?” your irritating cousin sister questions you.. 
  3.  Oldies start attacking your parents and siblings ” She needs to get married , No man will like a Fat Girl ” awwwwwwww and then war begins with your parents and siblings 🙁 
  4.  In any occasion people keep asking you and your parents “marriageable age, she needs to REDUCE” and the war continues ..
  5. Parents, relatives start comparing.. “Reema reduced 25 kgs, why can’t you just starve and reduce for god’s sake” Starve !!!!! hahahahahahha

Basically we don’t have a life. We can’t eat what we want , we can’t breathe peacefully while eating. To be frank WE NEED SPACE from all these comments, torture and wars.. If all these tensions ward off, we will automatically loose weight. This burden is the biggest weight gain for us. At times , these insults turn into a trauma and due to this, we don’t get our periods on time and we tend to swell up more 🙁 

So guy’s, life for an overweight babe isn’t easy.. Stop nagging, insulting and making fun of a fluffy babe.. We get hurt to the core, but emotions can’t always be expressed , except in the bathroom. Don’t call a fluffy babe “FAT, MOTI , FUGLY”  Have a good glimpse at yourself , before insulting someone else.. Today I can be ultra fat , but not necessary I will be the same next yr.. 🙂 Looks are never the same.  




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2 thoughts on “What only Fluffy Unmarried Woman’s go through….

  1. Pari H

    NEEDED BLOG. Everyone should really understand the feelings of others. U said it right STAY HAPPY N LET OTHERS LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER.

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