We all LIE ………

Hi Guy’s today’s topic is a little different. It’s about LIES we tell and yes we all LIE. I am sure there is no one in this world who doesn’t lie.. It may be for a good valid reason, for fun, for bad reasons.. But yes we all LIE be in for any matter.. Now how we LIE does matter 🙂 As we all LIE and we think we are smart by telling lies , then be a little smarter and don’t get caught 🙂 TELL LIES BUT DONT GET CAUGHT, thats my philosophy 😛 If you have the audacity to lie then have the guts to face it  confidently and don’t be stupid enough to get caught or BEST try your best not to LIE which isn’t possible. If you realise the fact that everyday we tell 1 Lie in someway or the other ,be it for any idiotic reason. But we do.. At times it’s for the good and that’s what we feel.. But yes it’s a LIE. Sometimes to hide our bad outcomes and not hurt anyone. But yes it’s a LIE. I have this very good trait as to how I catch people who lie 😛 May be being a psychology student does help 😛  It doesn’t mean I don’t LIE.. 😛

There is this one person I came across from school days who constantly LIES for  reason where she doesn’t even have to LIE. I tried studying her but in vain.. HAVE YOU COME ACROSS SUCH A PERSON ?images

Here are few tips as to How to recognise whether the person is telling LIES 😛

  1. First of all if the person isn’t an expert in telling lies , he/she will always stammer a little , look confused,disoriented and wont be able to frame the sentence of lies 😛images
  2. imagesThey will look around everywhere but not you and LIE 😛images
  3. No eye contact at all:P But at times this is a myth too.. Liars can even look straight into your eyes and LIE 😛Unknown
  4. They will change the topic to something unrelated.1045740-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Boring-Parrot-Talking
  5. When they know they have lied , they might act extra sweet with you.999341-sep25_romantic
  6. Some of them even scratch their head , right above in the middle of the head when questioned 😛cartoon-man-scratching-head2
  7. Some of them smile more than necessary , as if we have gone mad asking them questions.smile-cartoon
  8. Some times the cheeks, nose turns red when questioned.juno2.cut_

These are few tips guy’s 🙂 Hope it helps you to detect the liar 😛 Don’t expect the nose to get longer like PINOCCHIO  😛 imagesBut it is quite difficult to catch an expert LIAR. May be my tips might help 😛

All the best :p 




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