Blood Group Diet for O Blood Group to detox and glow in 3 days.

Is there an upcoming occasion? Are you feeling bloated and uneasy ? Outfit isn’t fitting well and are you feeling restless ?

Try this diet for 3-5 days before the occasion and feel relived.

Remember what you eat and drink shows on your SKIN.

Keep the junk away for a while and think of glowing from within.

NEVER EVER SKIP MEALS. Whenever hungry do eat fruits and dry fruits according to your blood group. 



As I follow Blood Group Diet, this diet which I am following might help other O Blood Group babies.

My Diet

Start your day with Flaxseed powder or Oil. I drink 5 ml of the oil and then 1 glass of hot water after the oil or at times on alternate days the powder.

Watch the video to know How I have the powder.

Then after 30 mins  have 1 fruit ( Apple/ Plum/ Pear / Banana/ Few Pieces of Papaya)

After 30 mins have a good heavy breakfast ( Poha / Sabundana Khichadi ) .

Around 12.00-  Few prunes/ walnuts / pine-nuts/ almonds

13.00 – A small bowl of  Quinoa/ Rice ( Throw the Starch )  with   lady finger ,chicken, broccoli,beetroot leaves and spinach ( Air Fried )  and as a starter or side dish ( Air fried Sweet Potatoes )

15.00 – 1 glass of Green/ White Tea

17.00 – 1 fruit ( Apple/ Plum/ Pear / Banana/ Few Pieces of Papaya )

18.00 – 1 glass of Green/ White Tea

19.00- Few prunes/ walnuts / pine-nuts/ almonds

20.30 – A small bowl of Quinoa/ Rice ( Throw the Starch ) with Lady finger air fried with chicken, broccoli and spinach and as a starter or side dish ( Air fried Sweet Potatoes ) – SAME AS LUNCH .

22.00 – A small bite of something sweet .

Now babies , you have to follow this diet strictly daily and you can always do variations so that you don’t get bored and leave it. I see to it there is no Gluten, Pulses and Dairy intake at all. I have seen major difference by following this diet. I am sure you will also see loads of difference provided you are strict. In 3-5 days you will surely lose healthy 1- 1 and half kgs with a super glowing skin too. There are loads of options in the book. But for that you need to buy the book and read it well.

The videos below has all the details of Blood Group Diet which is a miracle diet for me.
So if you are serious about your health,
follow it strictly and watch all the videos properly.


This diet gives instant relief from bloating and swelling.

Do SLEEP, EAT and DRINK well.









From my experience I have realised that if I follow this diet strictly I can lose loads of weight with super glowing skin and healthy hair. 

As for the exercises. These are must which I do.


As for maintaining skin texture always try to use a homemade face wash and pack on daily basics. I have loads of remedies for it. I religiously follow this regime daily.


Any questions do comment below and ask me 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Blood Group Diet for O Blood Group to detox and glow in 3 days.

  1. Ritu

    Hi ,

    Can you please send some tips for A blood group too…I desperately need to loose 10kgs in 8 weeks.


    • Hello, please watch my videos for all the details because I know only for O blood group.

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