When Fashion meets technology at Lakme Fashion Week – LYFsmartphones

Versatile fashion is being taken to a whole new level with the launch of #LYFsmartphones in #ManishMalhotra show at #LakmeFashionWeek. What does #LYF mean actually ? It’s literally means “Love You Forever”.  Reliance is into this telecom venture under the “Reliance Jio” brand and sells 4G Handsets under the LFY brand. The #Elements being  Earth, Water, Wind and Flame. The newest wave of tech fashion is as enlightened as it is fashionable. No one decides what’s fashion. So incorporating Technology into fashion is unique.

LYF Water that is priced around 14,000 – 19,000 INR. #LYFWATER skips on the dual sensor camera. On the front we have a smaller 5 inch , full display HD. The main camera has 13MP and the front camera has 5MP.






I was there on March 31st too for the P.E.L.L.A , SWATI AND SUNAINA , SWATI KALSI SHOW where Heritage meets contemporary.

Where I have few pictures and a video too.





IMG_7037 IMG_7042 IMG_7044







We spotted #NushratBharucha and she was wearing a short skater cotton dress, a lovely green color with combination of floral and geometric design with a tinge of pink. She was looking ravishing. It is made of cotton fabric and this style is surely going to be rocking in the summers 🙂



We spotted #GargiPatel who was wearing a fleshy pink silk kurta with a light minty silk skirt tissue dupatta. Angrakha style which is suiting her superbly. The pearl jewellery is  totally complimenting her overall look. Though it is silk but the color is so summer friendly that is making a wearable statement in summer’s too.



Got a chance to have a conversation with #RinkuSobti and know more about her collection. Watch it here



With ‪#‎PallaviSinghee‬ and her collection is inspired from ‪#‎Japanese‬ ‪#‎Wabisabi‬ which represents Japanese aesthetics. It’s basically beauty of imprefections for eg if you have a beautiful piece of art and it’s cracked but instead of mending the crack , the beauty is the cracked art.. So her collection is based on Wabisabi which literally means take your imperfections as a part of your beauty and be happy with it. It’s something like you keep looking at it deeply and then you automatically fall in love with it .. She connects herself with the ‪#‎Element‬ ‪#‎Earth‬ because she is bringing out the earthyness which used to exist back then..



So the day ended with #WendellRoadricks amazing show..

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2 thoughts on “When Fashion meets technology at Lakme Fashion Week – LYFsmartphones

  1. I loved all the photographs, they are stunning !!! And it was a lovely read, great post Priyanka. See you soon again, sometime!

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