Skin Cleansing Drink | Summer , Appetite Filling Drink | Uses of Coconut Water

Hello My Super Babies , Today I will be sharing an amazing drink with you babies which cools your body and indirectly helps in reducing pimples / acne. Clears your skin making it super healthy and nourished. Remember babies what you eat and drink shows on your skin.


  • Coconut Water from 3 coconuts
  • 4 tbsp of Sugar / or no Sugar
  • 500 ml of Soda Water
  • Tender Coconut grated from 3 Coconuts


  • In a blender add in the tender coconut and sugar.
  • Blend it well
  • Then add in little bit of coconut water and blend it again.
  • Then add the mixture in the remaining coconut water and add in soda water also.
  • Stir well and drink.



Coconut water is low in calories and super delicious too. In this drink we added sugar but if you want it super healthy , don’t add the sugar and add honey instead. From skin to hair to health , coconut water is super good. But if you are pregnant or breast feeding I would suggest you to not consume this. For a healthy heart add this drink to your lifestyle. It improves cardiovascular health. Coconut water is a good source manganese which helps improve metabolism. It gives metabolism quite a boost. It is rich in fiber which helps with the digestion. One of the most important uses of coconut water is that it prevents kidney stones. It prevents dehydration thus giving a glow within on your skin and hair. It contains loads of nutrients , vitamins which helps in strengthening your bones. As it fills the stomach it even helps in weight loss. In short it is very good for the health.

Soda is more beneficial than water for me because as I follow Blood Group Diet , its very good for my blood type. It helps in digestion. So once in a while I love adding soda water to my lifestyle.

It is a very cooling drink thus gets rid of excess heat from the body.

This drink actually flushes out all the toxins from the body. So I like to have it Once or Twice a week.


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