LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE by Natalia Castelino Xavier

Life after Marriage….

Hello there !! My name is Natalia from Mumbai and im 35yrs young. I am married from past 14 years and yes if you are calculating then i got married at the age of 21. My first child was born in 2005 and second in 2008. We wanted kids early so we could grow up with them and understand them better and it was the right decision that we took from where I am standing today. Well I was brought up in a Roman Catholic family, the church going types. Since my schooling was from a convent school my interaction with boys was only in college and later work. Aha!! work !! the place where i met my husband love at first sight for me..We got married within 6months of dating.
So How is Married Life ?? I am sure many want to know was six months enough for me to know tht he is the One or the Mr right…Well girls there is no Mr Right as such ….yeaaah many girls will say not true but its the fact because even if he is Mr Right for you, you would eventually find faults in what he says and does..I have realised that for your man to stay the so called Mr Right you too have to be the Miss Right for him…It takes two to make a marriage, a relation to work. Do not get married with expectations which normally we all do, I did , only soon to realise that having expectations would make me very unhappy. So firstly realise its not a business deal its a relation, a marriage, life long companionship so do not expect him to pamper you all this time and call you or send text messages if he does yipeee if he doesnt donot make it a topic to argue at night.. Remember his role has changed too. He too is learning. A Provider now and doesnt want to fail and show you his weakness. Men always want to show you that they are strong but trust me they need you the most..Once you understand this you will see how he understands even ur silence..If a man is physically satisfied as in food, his clothes, his home and yes even sex then all will be taken care off and he will emotionally satisfy you too..
Before marriage I didnt care much about things. I was carefree but after marriage all has changed. It has brought out my best in me. My understanding and maturity in certain levels has increased. Well for Men, I know you feel women are complicated but actually they aren’t and this might be a shock for you but seriously they aren’t . When you get married please realise she is changing alot of herself to be with you. So give her that required patience when she is irritated cranky or angry. Complimenting her for small things that she does for you will make your life better. Remember woman feed on appreciation and require you to know that they are important and yet they make you week in the knees..Once you understand this she will go that extra mile for you always.
My marriage has changed me and I am in a very happy place today as a person. It’s not been smooth sailing. I have faced the storms, high and low tides but being strong and keeping it all together helped me pass it.. I never failed because I never gave up..Marriage and your relation will get stronger once you have kids. Fights would be there but the make ups would be even better..After kids do not loose yourself like I did. I piled on 88 kgs by 2009..A simple walk or run was difficult for me and I wanted to be active for my son. I started working out n today 2017 I weigh 66kgs maybe a kg more or less but never crossed 70 on scale..Love yourself thats important. Men love their woman who take care of themselves and yes make them a lil insecure cause that would keep your man running behind you..
So my advice to all the beautiful to be brides “So dont let marriage scare you or make you feel its an end to yourself or your freedom… Its not the end its just the begining of discovering yourself and learning the enormous potential that you have with you ”


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2 thoughts on “LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE by Natalia Castelino Xavier

  1. Deepika

    I loved the story…and the points she mentioned is so true…

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