MARRIAGE – A life long journey which needs PATIENCE

Hello everyone, I am Tina Thapar Mengi, age 32, from Mumbai and married since 2008…. Recently celebrated 9 yrs of my married life. Yes you are right, I had an early marriage at the age of 23. Arranged marriage. My husband is a close relative. Our grandparents are siblings. So our parents decided on getting us hooked. It was purely an arrange marriage where we didn’t even get an opportunity to meet and talk or even know each other before everything got fixed. We met a day after all was fixed and that too without our parents knowledge. Sounds so funny now 😂. We started off very well. Love at first sight. I was pampered and over showered with love during our courtship period. 5 months of courtship and we were hooked on 1st March 2008 😻. I was in my dreamworld until the actual married life started. As we both were very immature we faced a lot of ups and downs in our married life. And in middle of all this I lost my dad in my 1st year of marriage. That is when Hiten really took too much care of me. Our major issue was lack of communication and ego. Life was just goin on with many ups and downs again when I realised after 2 and half year of marriage that I am expecting our 1st kid. It was an amazing feeling. But since my husband just started a new venture in those days he could hardly pay any attention on me. Finally on 10th march 2011 we were blessed with our bundle of joy ‘Laksh’
He was a binding force in our relationship. We connected through him. My husband has been the best father always. He’s done more than me for Laksh. We had our own share of ups and downs  until due to some major issues we parted ways for 5 months. Those 5 months was an eye opener for both of us. Where we realized each others worth and value. Now after we are back we have grown in our relationship. We talk and discuss our issues out. He has helped me be an independent women by helping me establish my business BRAND MANIA. No doubt we still fight a little (thats required).
9 years has been a journey of many experiences. Both are responsible for making a relationship work.
I wont say dat a Woman is superior or a Man is superior in a relationship. Both need to walk shoulder to shoulder, understand each others problems, know each others value. Never get ego in ur marriage. If you feel bending a little low is gonna calm things down then its worth bending low. After some years of marriage one actually gets habituated to each other. One even starts missing the fights and the naggings 😂. You can’t remain the lovey dovey couple that you are in the initial. You have to adjust with every phase of your relationship. There are men who dont show their care and concern that doesn’t mean that they dont. They say women are difficult to understand, I feel its actually correct because men are very simple to to be understood. Just dont complicate things and keep it simple is what I feel. In my 9 years I have seen so many issues but what matters in the end that we are still together strong as a couple. When i look back I see a long journey already and I am eagerly looking forward for the time to come.


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